Your unique  voiceover choice

Alan is a proficient voiceover artist and session singer. He speaks fluent Gaelic and his accents and dialects include:

Irish (native tongue), Advanced Received Pronunciation / British / Mid-Atlantic, American-Standard, American-Southern, New York, Australian, Scottish, Welsh, Northern England, Newcastle / Geordie, Birmingham / Midlands, Liverpool / Scouse, London / Cockney, East European, German, French, Spanish / Mexican.

Voiceover clients include: Mentos, Microsoft, Indeed, Spotify, BT, Verizon, Bloomberg, Amazon, Cigna, Kellogg, Jaguar, Stella Artois, Vodafone, Jameson, Bayer, Emirates, Google, Yelp, Guinness, Bank of Ireland, Hyundai, Three, Kerrygold, Haba, Lidl, Zapp, Bosch, Volkswagen, Heinemann, Siemens, 7Seas, Adidas, Opel, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Apple, Vauxhall, Allianz and McDonalds.


Microphone: Yeti
Computer: MacBook Pro
Software: Protools Logic Pro X