Father Thad in Stand Up Man (Urban Stages, New York City) written by Derek Murphy and directed by Paul Dervis
Ensemble & u/s King Charlemagne in Pippin (1st National US Tour) directed by Diane Paulus and choreographed by Chet Walker
Swing in Tanz Der Vampire (Berlin, Germany) directed by Roman Polanski and choreographed by Dennis Callahan
Dance Captain in Cinderella (Darlington, England) directed by Michael Gyngell and choreographed by Francesca Whitburn
Dance Captain & Swing in We Will Rock You (West End, London) directed by Ben Elton and choreographed by Arlene Phillips
Swing in Aida (Vienna, Austria) directed and choreographed by Kim Duddy


Bandit/Miner in Mysteries at the Museum (Optomen, Travel Channel) directed by Jeb Metzger
Soldier (Voice) in Origin Zero (Mini Series) directed by Erasmus Brosdau
Pilot (Voice) in Player Unknown’s Battleground (Honest Game) directed by Spencer Gilbert
Alt-Right Dude in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (Wolf Films, NBC) directed by Michael Slovis
Bartender in Daddyhunt (DH, Web Series) directed by Ra-ey Saleh
Can Senior (Voice) in Super Wings! (Little Airplane Productions, Netflix) directed by Josh Selig
TK in Experience Curve (Web Series) written and directed by Jennifer Suter
King Richard III on Wilkommen Bei Carmen Nebel (Schwarzkopf, ZDF) directed by Joachim Jaeckel


Seán in Normal People Explain Things To Me (Short) written and directed by Pamela Ehn
Pay Pig #5 in Pay Pig (Short) written and directed by Hunt Beaty
Man with Dog in Just One More Day With You (Music Video, Showrunner Productions) written and directed by Robert Morton
Marcus Allenbrisk (Voice) in The Lord Inquisitor – Seed of Ambition (Short) directed by Erasmus Brosdau
Albert Cunningham in Mé Féin (Short) written by Alan Kelly and directed by Chris Fretwell
Detective Daniel Wallace in Booked (Short) written by Alan Kelly and directed by Chris Fretwell
ADA Eoin Murphy in Checkmate (Short) written by Alan Kelly and directed by Chris Fretwell
James in The Dream (Short) directed by Chris Overton
Ben in You Knew (Short) directed by Chris Overton
Steve in Mockumentary (Short) directed by Chris Overton
Tony in Abigail’s Party (London Studios, ITV) directed by Chris Yates
Dancer in Ella Enchanted (Disney / Mirimax) directed by Tommy O’Haver and choreographed by Bruno Tonioli
David in I Don’t Believe It (Kairos, Short) directed by Cecil Allen


Voiceover clients include: Mentos, Microsoft, Indeed, Spotify, BT, Verizon, Bloomberg, Amazon, Cigna, Kellogg, Jaguar, Stella Artois, Vodafone, Jameson, Bayer, Emirates, Google, Yelp, Guinness, Bank of Ireland, Hyundai, Three, Kerrygold, Haba, Lidl, Zapp, Bosch, Volkswagen, Heinemann, Siemens, 7Seas, Adidas, Opel, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Apple, Vauxhall, Allianz and McDonalds.

Commercial, Radio, Audiobook & Video Game

Narrator for Hilton Hotels (Industrial, Unboxed Technologies) directed by Shannon Essad
Dancing Traffic Cop in Intersection Perfection (Commercial, Working Pictures) directed by Marty Bohnicky
Narrator for My First Noel (Audiobook) written by Danelle Harmon
Ace in Legend Of Ace-Casino Quest (Video Game) directed by Aaron Schumann
Tim Cantore in Novartis (Industrial, Team People) directed by George Cauttero
Narrator for The Admiral’s Heart (Audiobook) written by Danelle Harmon
Dancer in Hip-Hop Ident (Commercial, TV3) directed by Saileóg Lally
Drip in Let’s Play Pretend (Radio Play, RTÉ Radio 1) directed by Ger Bourke